This World Water Day, leave no one behind

This World Water Day, on the 22nd March 2019, the theme is ‘leave no one behind’. It’s about ensuring that everyone has access to clean, safe water - women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people and many others. Reflecting on this theme made me think about one of the amazing connections we’ve made in the #RunningDry community - Patrick Shores, the co-founder of Untapped Shores.

Telling American water stories

Since we arrived in America for our final leg of #RunningDry, we’ve been meeting so many extraordinary water heroes. Check out my Instagram feed if you haven’t already, to see our daily adventures. I’ve been struck, time and again, by the resilience of the people we’ve met: how they’ve come up with such creative solutions to their water problems, and are thriving despite it all.

Miles with Friends

In the middle of the cappuccino colored sands of the Atacama Desert, with miles of dusty rock strewn ground stretching to the horizon, I sat beside the trail. I was exhausted. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I had given everything I had to my effort to run across 7 Deserts on 7 Continents in just 7 Weeks. It was a ridiculously ambitious goal for someone who was a self-confessed non-runner, and the reality of the whole thing was setting in with a vengeance.