Who is Mina?

Using ultra-marathon running, Mina Guli has made strides to advance the global conversation about the world’s water crisis.

As a leading water advocate, Mina has:
• Founded Thirst, an grassroots education & innovation organisation with over 1.4 million student graduates
• Completed 40 marathons in 40 days of running across 6 continent
• Voted one of Fortune’s 50 greatest leaders in the world
• Inspired the #RunningDry movement with 100 marathons in 100 days

Mina’s message is pretty simple.

The question isn’t if we will run out of water.
It’s when - unless we change.

By 2030, we’ll face a 40% shortfall in the global supply of accessible, reliable water.

“If we do something about this, we’ll still be young enough to be able see the planet that we saved because we all pulled together and innovated to solve this water crisis.”

Mina has visited every continent on the planet and along the way has spoken to countless people about the global water crisis. She has inspiring stories to share and thought-provoking insights that will have audiences inspired and engaged in an important conversation.

Mina running the Nile River, Egypt

“Each one of us can join to make a global community that is working together to find a solution to the issue that is confronting all of us – water.”

Mina has worked with global organisations, governments, and companies alike and all toward one common goal – water.

Her projects have reached epic proportions with 2.8 billion people reached by messaging from the #RunningDry movement alone – 2.8 billion. That’s equal to the two most populous countries in the world (China & India) combined!

Mina Guli among the students of Thirst Water Program
I run for every person that uses water.

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All photography provided by Kelvin Trautman