The question isn't if we will run out of water. It's when.
Unless we change.

Through my work with the World Bank and the World Economic Forum, I came to learn about the planet's unfolding water crisis: by 2030, we face a 40% shortfall in the global supply of accessible, reliable water. 

I have since dedicated my life to educating leaders and young people alike about this crisis and how we can solve it.

All photography provided by Kelvin Trautman

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Mina Guli Running in Death Valley


Ultra runner

I run expeditions to draw global media attention to the water crisis and tell the amazing stories of people around the world living with water scarcity. 

Water Advocate

In 2012, I founded Thirst, an organization that has educated hundreds of thousands of young people in China about their water footprints.


I run for every person that uses water.
Mina Guli Running in the Richtersveld National Park in South Africa

I want every single person on the planet to be able to realize their aspirations.
Without a reliable water supply, that is not possible.
Mina Guli among the students of Thirst Water Program


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"Blessings & burdens are not mutually exclusive" – Ryan Holiday, the obstacle is the way

Mina Guli running on Bad Water Flats in USA