I know that together, we can build a different world.

No one person is going to solve this water crisis alone. It’s going to take a global response. We need to work together.

For some of us, the water crisis is already on our doorstep. For most of us though, it can feel like a distant problem.

We need to be having a conversation about this issue today. Book Mina to speak at your next event to offer inspiration and share her call-to-action.


A pair so shoes, a pair of jeans, a jacket, talking on the phone…all of those things took more water to make than you will drink in a lifetime.

More and more organisations are taking action to ensure that the impact they make on the world is a positive one.

What better place to start than with water?

Work with Mina to raise awareness of the water crisis and let the global community know that this issue is important to your organisation.

To date, Mina has worked with an array of companies and organisations including:

• Colgate
• UN Water
• Reebok
• Global Water Partnership
• Patagonia
• UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme


Working with Mina and the Nature Conservancy, Colgate sponsored a series of videos reminding everyone that #EveryDropCounts and there are things we can do today to protect our water supply for the future.

If your organisation is keen to tackle this issue, collaborate with Mina through a new project or initiative. Want to raise awareness? Work with Mina on a campaign or bring her on board as an ambassador. Have an idea of your own that you’d like to share with Mina?


Each one of you is in a position to make change.

Are you an individual keen to help out? Volunteer! Whether you want to run with us or you want to offer your assistance, we can keep you updated when new volunteer opportunities become available.


It doesn’t matter which continent you’re from or what your background is – you are somehow connected to this water crisis.

It’s going to

Water affects us all. We can all play a part in addressing this global crisis.

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