When you have something that matters more than yourself – it’s amazing what you can achieve.



Fuelled by her experiences as an ultra-runner and as a leading advocate in the global water crisis, Mina offers thought-provoking and insightful messages around:

For Future Generations – how change today will impact our children tomorrow

Against All Odds – pursuing goals in the face of unprecedented challenges

Responsible Leadership – driving innovative and sustainable change

Finding purpose – identifying your motivation, passion and vision

‘Invisible’ Water – the global water crisis beyond turning the tap

Breaking Barriers – personal and organisational transformation


Mina has addressed audiences around the world to offer motivation, ignite inspiration, and guide us all toward meaningful change.

Portland, Oregon - Nike: Sustainable Business & Innovation Team Briefing

Singapore - Swiss Re: Corporate Solutions Client Advisory Panel

Sri Lanka - Brandix Lanka: Board Retreat

Washington DC - Textile Sustainability Conference Keynote

Hong Kong - Australian International School Sports Awards

New York - Business for Social Responsibility Conference Keynote

Dubai - Young Presidents Organization EDGE Conference



“I think we can change this problem because of all of you. I think that we can change this problem because of consumers. I think people can influence companies and companies can influence suppliers and suppliers can make changes on the ground. I know that to be the case.”

Mina is no stranger to driving meaningful change within corporations and organisations. She’s the co-founder of Peony Capital, an investment company focused on developing climate-friendly projects, as well as the founder and CEO of Thirst, a non-profit with nearly 1.5 millions graduates and the endorsement of the Chinese Government. Let Mina share her learnings as a leader in organisational change and global strategies.



“It doesn’t matter which continent you’re from or what your background is – you are somehow connected to this water crisis.”

From simple beginnings in Australia, Mina’s path has led her across to every continent of the globe, meeting a diverse array of people. She shares their stories with her global audience to further galvanise the growing community of champions for making meaningful change in addressing the water crisis. Invite Mina to share those thought-provoking stories with you and your community.



“Kids get it. Ask them about water and they get it instantly, and they want to make a change. It’s phenomenal how kids have adopted this issue.”

Mina is incredibly passionate about ensuring future generations are in the best possible position to tackle the problems of tomorrow. It’s what led her to found Thirst in 2012. Thirst collaborates with over 1,000 schools, utilises over 1,000 qualified volunteers, and has had nearly 700,000 students participate in its innovation competitions. Allow Mina to come speak at your next event to inspire the next generation of ambassadors and innovators in addressing the global water crisis.  


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