Getting Started With Elephants

I have a secret: I’m actually okay with not running. It’s nice to sleep in on a wintry morning and not have to go out into the cold trussed up like a chicken with water in my backpack that feels like it’s been in the deep freeze.

It’s fun to be able to go to brunch with my friends. To organise dinner and stay up beyond 9 pm. I have time in my day to get things done. And I’m not always fighting the mental and physical demons of exhaustion.

Yup. This not running thing is actually okay.

But here’s the deal. I believe in something far bigger than me. It’s this pesky thing that lurks around in the back of my mind. It’s my passion.

Running Dry: Why I am Running 100 Marathons in 100 Days

This November, I am lacing up my shoes for a third time. Each of my two previous challenges were 40 days. This time, my goal is to run 100 marathons in 100 days around the world. This run is all about getting a global community together to make changes as we try to stop the world’s water supply from running dry. I am measuring the success of this expedition not in kilometres run, but in changes we make because #EveryDropCounts.