4 ways to make up a marathon

Sunday is a big day for #RunningDry - we’re attempting what would have seemed impossible at the beginning of this campaign: 100 marathons in just 1 day. But I really believe we can do it… Together. For those who aren’t natural marathon runners (and I would count myself in your company!) here are 4 ways to make up a marathon.

4 ways to make up a marathon
  1. 2 x 21km

    For those of you who have attempted half marathons before, grab a buddy and run a half marathon on Sunday! Two of you can easily clock off the necessary 42.2km.

  2. 4 x 10.5km

    Casual weekday runners tell me that they can run 10.5km with some effort. If four of you band together, that makes 42km - if one of you add in a quick 200m sprint, that’s a marathon.

  3. 7 x 6km

    Did you know that the average distance women in Asia and Africa walk for water every day is 6km? Gather together a group of friends and go for a 6km walk - it’ll probably only take an hour or two, and if there are 7 of you together you’ll have walked a marathon. (Again, with that 200m sprint!)

  4. 21 x 2km

    I’ve been so touched by the kids who have shown up for #RunningDry and offered their support by donating their distance. Even if your child can only walk 2km, that’s still 2km for water - 2km closer to our goal. If you gather all your friends and their children together, you could all go for a walk for water. You could also talk about water saving and the importance of making every drop count en route… The future belongs in the hands of our children.

Most importantly: please share share share. The whole point of this challenge is to spread awareness of the global water crisis as far and wide as we can. Share on social media, share on WhatsApp, share on email and in person. Just remember the simple rules so we can track your donation: walk or run any distance, take a photo and post it to social media with the hashtag #RunningDry.

100 marathons in 1 day

Let’s see what we can achieve together! Let’s show that every drop counts.