The #RunningDry movement is gaining momentum!

Video: Jared Paisley

What a week of runs it’s been… Not for me - I’ve been doing intensive rehab every day, checking in with doctors and taking care of myself as I fly from Cape Town to Sydney. But the #RunningDry movement has been going from strength to strength.

Photos: Kelvin Trautman

For marathon number 63, we collectively logged 3 marathons and I was thrilled! And then it kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. By marathon 66, more than 1000km had been logged for water (that’s over 24 marathons!) with many people sharing water saving tips and water facts along with their kilometres.

While I wish with every bone in my body that I was still running, it does mean that I’ve had time for much-needed rehab, and to continue meeting water heroes and telling water stories along the way.

Photos: Kelvin Trautman

These are Cape Town residents collecting water from a natural spring situated in one of the city suburbs. During the height of the Cape Town water crisis people used the spring water to supplement their allocated 50L/person/day ration. Queues were long, often people would stand in line for 3 hours, tensions were high, and armed security was deployed to control allocation and keep order. Residents now continue to use the spring as a drinking water source, as it comes directly from Table Mountain. I’m so inspired by these water stories which are at the heart of this #RunningDry journey. 

We arrived in Sydney yesterday and this morning Colgate organised a #RunningDry run around Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Every km logged is a km for water, and a chance to highlight the global water crisis.

Photos: Kelvin Trautman

If you haven’t already, please join me and the #RunningDry movement - together we can make a real difference to the global water crisis.