1 marathon down, 99 to go!

So I’m back in my hotel after running my first marathon of 100: the New York City Marathon. I’m just doing my stretching, and reflecting on this super crazy, amazing, long day. We left here at 4am to do some filming before we started the race - I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to experience the New York Marathon who didn’t get to come with me. This is how I was feeling last night...

When we started the race, I was so emotional it was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe we were finally here and it was all happening, it was really amazing. It was so funny because we started at the back of the first wave, and within 10 minutes we were totally on our own, it was like we were coming last. Our strategy was to run and walk, to try and do it in 6 to 6.5 hours: not too fast, not too slow. I have to take it easy because I don’t have a rest day tomorrow, or the day after, or for the next 99 days.

Photo: Kelvin Trautman

Photo: Kelvin Trautman

We were taking our time, taking pictures, talking to loads of people, high fiving all the kids as we walked past. There was an unbelievable atmosphere. There are people 10 deep along the streets, music playing, thousands of kids with homemade signs on cardboard, mums and dads with big signs up, people who have printed pictures on foam board. Totally weird and amazing and unbelievable, but very cool.

There are people everywhere: shouting and making noise and playing music. It was phenomenal. I think New York Marathon is one of those races where the crowd is basically giving you wings. In contrast, it’ll be really hard to finish some of my other marathons in the middle of nowhere, where it’s basically just sand and heat and me running all by myself… But then I think about why I’m doing this, and it all makes sense. I’m doing this to shine a spotlight on the global water crisis. It’s not about the running: it’s about the cause.

So Day 1 was an awesome day - amazingly long, but a super duper marathon. Lots of people asked if we were really running 100 marathons. “What?! You’re crazy!” was the common response.

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