100 Water Heroes: Dr. Anthony Turton


Environmental Advisor, Speaker, Author

Dr. Anthony Turton is a celebrated Environmental Advisor, Speaker and Author, and has made significant contributions to water resource management in South Africa. Anthony is committed to environmental advocacy, because he “believe[s] that we are reaching limits to our current developmental approaches and will be forced to make changes in the near future, whether we like it or not.”

Anthony has published a wide range of acclaimed books, chapters, reports and scientific publications, many of which are available on his website. He is also currently a Professor at the Centre for Environmental Management at the University of Free State, as well as a professional speaker and environmental consultant.

Anthony’s experience in the water management sector is widespread, and he has helped lead a myriad of local and international institutions, such as the Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters, International Water Resource Association and the World Water Council.

He has also been given a number of prestigious awards, including the Habitat Council Award (2009), the Nick Steele Memorial Award for Top Environmentalist of the Year (2010), the Green Globe Award for Environmental Activist of the Year, 2012 and the WESSA Award for Lifetime Conservation Achiever 2016.

Anthony is one of our #100WaterHeroes for his dynamic contributions to advancing water conservation in South Africa, and throughout the world.

Website: http://www.anthonyturton.com/

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/anthonyturton

Twitter: @TurtonWater

100 Water Heroes: Hanli Prinsloo

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Co-founder and CEO of I AM WATER

Hanli Prinsloo is a South African freediver, speaker, writer and ocean conservationist. In 2010, she founded I AM WATER, an ocean conservation trust that seeks to “engage and educate ocean-users with the world beneath the waves in order to understand their personal opportunity to protect the planet.”

Prior to launching I AM WATER, Hanli was a highly successful freediver, breaking 11 South African freediving records. She was also the first South African to simultaneously hold 6 freediving records. Hanli’s freediving career exposed her to the beauty of our oceans, as well as the extreme vulnerability of marine organisms. I AM WATER looks to advance ocean conservation “through transformative ocean experience,” ultimately facilitating a deeper understanding of the aquatic world beneath us.

In addition to her work with I AM WATER, Hanli was selected as a World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders.

Hanli is one of our #100WaterHeroes for founding I AM WATER, and for her dedication to furthering ocean advocacy causes throughout South Africa.