100 Water Heroes: Carlos Cosín


Founder and CEO of Almar Water Solutions

Carlos Cosín, founder and CEO of Almar Water Solutions, and launched the company primarily as a way to “tap into the renewable powered desalination market.” In addition to developing water desalination technology, Almar Water Solutions provides specialist involvement in the financing, design and operation of water infrastructure development.

Carlos has significant experience in the water industry and, for over 20 years, has used his skill-set to develop desalination, wastewater and recycling projects throughout the world. Carlos’ mission with Almar Water Solutions have “a clear focus on environmental and social responsibility,” that complement government-led water initiatives.

Before leading Almar Water Solutions, Carlos attained a degree in Agricultural Engineering. He continued on to work for Veolia Water Systems for seven years, following which he joined Abengoa Water between 2005 and 2016. Carlos is a significant figure in the water desalination industry, and has contributed widely to its development in recent years.

Carlos Cosín is one of our #100WaterHeroes because of his extensive knowledge surrounding water desalination, and his passion for finding a sustainable solution to the global water crisis.

Twitter: @CarlosCosinF