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100 Water Heroes: Jessica Long


Managing Director - Strategy & Sustainability at Accenture

Jessica Long is the Managing Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Accenture, where she started as a Strategist in 2001. With over 18 years of experience, Jessica now leads Sustainability and Trust throughout North America.

Together with her team, Jessica works on a range of strategic services throughout the sustainability field. This includes “ethical and inclusive supply chains, intelligent cities strategy, efficient and alternative energy solutions, innovative business models and partnerships, green technology and analytics, and circular economy.”

Jessica was also on the leadership team of Accenture Development Partnerships, a not-for-profit branch of Accenture that gives business and technology services to the global development sector. Jessica serves on the boards of Raise DC, The Global Community Engagement and Resilience Forum and the Business and Sustainable Development Commission.

In 2014, Jessica was selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. She and her team at Accenture have been a great support of the #RunningDry movement, and have collectively contributed 18.4km to the tally!

Jessica is one of our #100WaterHeroes for doing meaningful work in the fields of strategy and sustainability, and for her active support of #RunningDry


Twitter: @jessicalongdev 

100 Water Heroes: Giulio Boccaletti

tnc_65065518_1920x1920 (1).jpg

Chief Strategy Officer at The Nature Conservancy

Giulio Boccaletti is the Chief Strategy Officer at The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a charitable environmental organisation that seeks to "conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends." Giulio’s role at TNC includes developing their strategy and incorporating economic and scientific facets to their conservation work.

Giulio believes that finding a solution to the global water crisis “will determine the future sustainability of the world economy and the health of the people and places that depend on this vital natural resource.” Prior to working with TNC, Giulio was a partner at Mckinsey and Company where he launched their Global Water Resource initiative and was heavily involved in their Sustainability and Resource Productivity Practice.

Giulio’s career has also includes a number of publications surrounding issues of water security, resource economics and infrastructure finance. He holds a Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Bologna, as well as a Master’s and PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from Princeton University.

Giulio has also been recognised as a member of the Global Agenda Council on Water of the World Economic Forum (WEF), as well as a member of its Global Futures Council on Environment and Natural Resource Security. In 2014, WEF named Giulio as a Young Global Leader.

Giulio is one of our #100WaterHeroes for his work with The Nature Conservancy, and for using his expertise to foster and develop a sustainable future.

Twitter: @G_Boccaletti 


100 Water Heroes: Scott Harrison


Founder and CEO of charity: water

Scott Harrison is the Founder and CEO of charity: water, an NPO that works towards providing clean, safe water to people in need. Working in developing nations, charity: water raises money to build wells and sanitation facilities in 26 countries throughout the world.

Prior to launching charity: water, Scott spent 2 years as a photojournalist for Mercy Ships and became aware of critical WASH issues in Liberia. Scott witnessed the devastation of having little to no access to clean water, and decided to dedicate his life and career to solving the global water crisis. This led to the creation of charity: water, where Scott assembled a small team that worked out of a cramped Manhattan apartment.

Today, charity: water is a highly successful NPO, with over 1 million international supporters. They have raised more than $320 million that has funded almost 30 000 water projects throughout the world. In recognition of his work, Scott was named in Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 list, as well as the Forbes Magazine Impact 30 list. He is also a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

Scott is one of our #100WaterHeroes for his work with charity: water, and for his commitment to providing people around the world with safe, clean water.

Twitter: @scottharrison


Instagram: @scottharrison

100 Water Heroes: Mokena Makeka

Mokena Makeka_Landscape.jpg

Founder and Managing Director of Makeka Design Lab

Mokena Makeka is the Founder and Managing Director of Makeka Design Lab, an “interdisciplinary design practice led by architecture and urban design as a filter and tool for design manifestation.” Mokena’s ethos lies in his belief that design has the power to better people’s lives, especially when done sustainably.

Mokena is an internationally renowned, award-winning architect whose fusion of innovation and sustainability have put him on the map. Mokena’s professional achievements are extensive and include being an Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Program Fellow and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. He is also a member of the African Leadership Network and a Aliko Dangote Fellow.

Mokena’s passion for sustainable design has been consistently communicated throughout his career. He has spoken at a range of conferences and gatherings including the Green Building conference and the Seminar of Social Innovation and Sustainability (Brasil). Mokena has contributed key writings to the Sustainable Waters Handbook, and published a piece entitled Counter Currents: Experiments in Sustainability in Cape Town

Mokena is one of our #100WaterHeroes for his contributions to the design sector, and for recognising the importance of sustainable design.

Twitter: @MokenaMakeka 


100 Water Heroes: Angela Morelli & Tom Gabriel Johansen

Founders of InfoDesignLab


Today’s #100WaterHeroes are co-founders of InfoDesignLab, Angela Morelli (CEO) and Tom Gabriel Johansen (COO). Angela and Tom are information designers who co-founded InfoDesignLab after recognising “how vital it is to design information in a way that strikes the right note in the mind of the viewer.”

Prior to her work with InfoDesignLab, Angela attained her MA specialising in Information Design. She was named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2012, and is currently an ambassador for virtual water and water footprint research.


Tom has over 15 years of experience in the data-journalism and design fields. With his extensive experience and skill, Tom is described as “innovative and powerful in the service of understanding.”

On the topic of virtual water, InfoDesignLab created a platform whereby users are able to visualise the virtual water hidden in their food - The Water We Eat. The experience is immersive and visually exciting, all the while raising awareness of the invisible water that exists in everything we consume.

Angela and Tom are today’s #100WaterHeroes because of their commitment to turning water science into meaningful narratives, beautiful visions and understandable messages.

Angela’s Twitter: @angelamorelli 

Tom’s Twitter: @tomhal99

The Water We Eat


Oslo, Norway