100 Water Heroes: Søren Hvilshøj


Global Market Director of Water at Ramboll Group

Søren Hvilshøj is the Global Market Director of Water for Ramboll Group, a consulting engineering firm. With his vast experience in water and environment sectors, Søren has helped the firm implement effective water management systems that “consider the technological choices and economic balance in protecting water quantity and water quality.”

Under Søren’s leadership, Ramboll have been integral in the development of cloudburst mitigation plans in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. They have also focused on creating more “green and blue spaces,” in the forms of planted areas and streams that work to naturally retain rainwater. Part of this, and the cloudburst mitigation plan, involves “establishing cloudburst roads that quickly and efficiently channel the water out of the city while taking into account traffic flow and urban quality of life.”

Søren’s widespread experience in the water industry includes being on the Executive Board of the Danish Association of Water Supplies, a Committee Member of the Foundation for Development of Technology in the Danish Water Sector and a Board Member in a Danish water supply company. He also lectures at a number of international universities on issues surrounding water management.

Søren is one of our #100WaterHeroes for working with Ramboll Group to design sustainable, effective water management systems that are aligned with local needs.

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/soerenhvilshoej

Twitter: s_hvilshoej