100 Water Heroes: Mike Mallozzi

Photo: Kelvin Trautman

Photo: Kelvin Trautman

President of Borderlands Brewing Company

Mike Mallozzi is a PhD microbiologist and the President of Borderlands Brewing, a company that produces beer in the most sustainable manner possible. One of the many ways in which they seek to further the sustainability of their business is through the use of solar power purchased through the Tucson Electric Power programme. While they cannot yet afford to have their own solar panels, making use of locally generated sustainable power is definitely a step in the right direction.

Mike is a council member of the Conserve2Enhance water conservation group, an organisation that is committed to helping people and businesses to reduce their water footprints, and to improving the health and flow of local water bodies. Borderlands is also a participant in this group, and they undergo thorough water audits that help them to identify areas in which they can further reduce their water usage.

Borderlands also recognises the importance of buying locally, and has steadily been working towards sourcing local ingredients. Mike is dedicated to sustainable development, and this commitment is evident throughout Borderlands’ practices. Speaking on the importance of sustainability in business, Mike stated:

"Generally speaking, as people in business, we need to be more focused on finding the sweet spot where we can look after the planet, people, and profit. Too often we chose to leave out the planet in this equation. If we continue to do business like this soon we won’t have the planet to even include this equation. And to customers, I say vote with your dollars. Support those businesses that look to make a profit without exhausting our resources unsustainably."

Mike is one of our #100WaterHeroes for his dedication to sustainable development, and for leading Borderlands Brewery as they seek to produce the most sustainable beer possible.