100 Water Heroes: Hermella Wondimu


Founder and President of Drop of Water

Hermella Wondimu is the President of Drop of Water, an NGO that she co-founded as a university student. Drop of Water seeks to provide clean, safe water to people in rural communities of Ethiopia and, while this is a monumental task, has helped thousands of people throughout the country.

Hermella obtained a BSc in Civil Engineering from Mekele University and, during her time there, learnt about Ethiopia’s water crisis and its impact on women and children. This knowledge shaped her career path and prompted her dedicated to providing clean water to those in need. One of her projects with Drop of Water involved the construction of 5 water wells in Northern Ethiopia, ultimately providing safe water to over 6000 people. In 2014, a further 20 water wells were built.

Through her dedication to providing clean drinking water and WASH initiatives, Hermella is actively working towards a sustainable future for Ethiopia. This makes her one of our #100WaterHeroes.

Twitter: @hermellawondimu

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/hermella-wondimu-77bb8b30