100 Water Heroes: Benjamin Kahn


Environmentalist and Marine Biologist

Benjamin Kahn is an Israeli Environmentalist and Marine Biologist. Benjamin’s core focus is on protecting and conserving Israel’s coastline, specifically the Red Sea reef. Benjamin is the Founder and Chairman Zalul, an NGO that is committed to preserving Israel’s seas and rivers. In addition to his leadership of Zalul, Benjamin is also the Founder and CEO of Atlantium Technologies, a water purification technology firm. He is also President of Coral World International Ltd., “an operator of marine parks that specialises in ecologically-friendly tropical life systems in symbiotic environments.”

Benjamin’s entry into environmentalism came when he returned to Israel after having lived abroad. He frequently snorkelled in the Red Sea as a child, and was devastated to witness the immense degradation of its coral reef. This realisation prompted Benjamin to get involved and he noted, “I knew that if the reef was going to survive, someone had to fight for it.”

Benjamin was named as one of Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment in 2007, for his impactful leadership of Zalul.

Benjamin is one of our #100WaterHeroes for dedicating his career and life to protecting and conserving Israel’s coastline.