100 Water Heroes: Matt Malina

Matt Malina.png

Founder of NYC H20

Matt Malina is a water educator with such a passion for the New York water system that he created a series of educational tours and lectures about NYC’s incredible drinking water system: NYC H2O. Their mission is “to inspire and educate New Yorkers of all ages to learn about, enjoy and protect their city’s local water ecology”.

Native New Yorker Matt founded NYC H2O in 2009 and initiated the series of tours, lectures, field trips and beach clean-ups that make up the current public and school programs. A public school math teacher and co-founder of InTandem (a tandem cycling program that pairs blind and sighted athletes), Matt’s passion for water comes partly from his past school career as a competitive swimmer and triathlete.

Matt Malina is one of our #100waterheroes because of his single-minded determination to educate and inspire New York’s citizens about its incredible water system.

Twitter: @nyc_h2o

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NYCH2O/


New York City, USA